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  • How your suit should fit

How your suit should fit

Men's Style

How Your Suit Should Fit

The fit of your suit is one of the most important aspects of style. Basically there are 7 ways you can tell if your suit fits correctly. Get this right and your off to a good start.


1. Shoulders

The shoulders of your jacket should lie flat, while the the sleeve of the suit sits right where your arm meets your shoulder.



2. The Seat

The back of your trousers will lie loosely against your jocks without pulling tight against your backside or draping loosely down your thighs.


3. Trouser Length

The length of  your pants should sit perfectly on the heel of your shoe with a single crease at the front.

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4. Jacket Buttons

You need to be able to button up your jacket to fit correctly. The buttons should close without strain and without creating to many wrinkles.

4    5


5. Jacket Sleeves

As a general rule your jacket sleeves sit at your wrist. Approximately 1.5cm of shirt cuff should be visible below the jacket sleeve.



6. Jacket Length

The overall length of your jacket is essential for the achieving the perfect fit. The coat should sit just below your backside and right around the middle of your hand.

7    8


7. Suit Collar

Completing the ideal fit is having your suit collar sitting flat against your shirt collar. You do not want to create a gap between your suit and your jacket collar.

How your suit should fit

Men's Style