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Wear your VEST right

Men's Style

When it comes to menswear, nothing makes a man look more stylish than a 3-piece suit. The VEST or WAISTCOAT if worn correctly can add a new dimension to your look . The increasingly popular menswear item can help you change your look according to the event you are attending with style and ease. In fact, you can even wear it without a jacket and still look formal.

The vest is the perfect layer to wear for your formal events during winter. You can even wear it to work as waistcoats make you look sophisticated and suave in a minute, provided you wear it right.

Here are few basic rules on how to wear your vest correctly…



  1. A well-fitted vest should entirely cover your waist with no dress shirt poking out between the waist-belt of your trousers and the vest.
  2. The shoulders of the waistcoat must lie flat against your body as well as any collar points.
  3. The fit should be perfect and not tight or snug.


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  1. Always button your vest up. Waistcoats are designed to make you look put together.
  2. If you are wearing it with a suit jacket, remember the colour and material should be same.
  3. Your tie goes in and not above it.



Ferrari Formalwear & Bridal’s extensive range of suits all have the option of adding the vest to complete your look.


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Vests are available to purchase as a three-piece suit or separately at all Ferrari Formalwear & Bridal stores.

Alternatively you can shop online via






Men's Style