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  • Buying the perfect summer suit

Buying the perfect summer suit

Men's Style

A summer suit is both a necessity and a pretence for men to look their absolute best in spite of the heat.

When setting out to purchase a summer suit, their is one simple requirement you need to remember – That the material needs to be light enough to feel cool, but at the same time not too frail as to give you no shape.


Choosing your fabric:

The most popular and versatile suit fabric is wool, more specifically pure wool. The reason? On a boiling hot day, the last thing you want to be wearing is something heavy that will insulate and make you sweat.

A pure wool suit contains no man-made materials within the fabric and has the exceptional ability to keep you cool in the summer, while always looking sharp. Wool also breathes well, holds its shape and resists wrinkling in daily wear.

You should also pay attention to the S-number. The S number often is used in conjunction with the word “super” which originally meant the best wool. The higher the s-number or super number number the finer the wool thread. The finer the wool thread, the lighter weight the suit will be. But beware the higher the super number the more delicate the material, making the suit less durable and likely to wrinkle. For everyday wear stick to the super 100’s – 150’s and you’ll get a perfect summer suit that doesn’t break the budget.

You’ve got no excuse not to keep your cool this summer!


summer suit - beige

ZJK040- This pure wool single breasted, one-buttoned lounge suit is our top pick for your suit this season. The beige colour reflects light and minimises heat making it the perfect summer suit. Available now at your local Ferrari Formalwear & Bridal store.

2    3

This is the kind of suit that will not only look good together, but will also work split up and worn with denim as the weather turns.

summer suit - grey    summer suit - blue

By wearing a darker suit this summer you can throw it over a T-shirt and your still going to look smart. Shop the ZJK029 + ZJK030 online now.




Men's Style