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Men’s Dress Codes

Men's Style


Unsure what the dress code on your invitation means? Here are the 4 most common men’s dress codes and what they mean.

men's dress codes


Black Tie

This look is crystal clear for men- wear a tuxedo and bow tie!
If you’re after the classic look, go with a black buttoned, pleated front shirt and of course a black bow tie, white pocket square and pair of black shoes to complete your look. If in doubt think James Bond and you will be on the mark.
If a bow tie is not your thing then go with a black skinny long tie  – you can’t really go wrong!

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Formal / Black Tie Optional

Although slightly less dressy, a dark suit is still the norm and more commonly worn to these events, however these days, unless you’re going to a seriously traditional event, you can get away with many variations on this theme. In place of a tuxedo, suit up with a slim-fitting dark blue, charcoal or black suit accompanied with a splash of colour using vests, neckwear and some funky pocket squares. In fact, if an event invitation says ‘black tie optional’, why not get creative?

men's dress codes

Cocktail / Lounge

This look is definitely less formal, but while a tuxedo is not required a level of sophistication is still expected.  Dark hues are always dressier however, as the dress code is more relaxed, you can play around with colour and introduce more of your individual style. Try accessorising with a vest, fitted shirt and a sharp tie.

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Smart Casual

This dress code is often used for informal events such as beach weddings or engagement parties, but doesn’t mean you can front up in your jeans and sneakers! Go for tailored trousers with a nice open neck shirt and blazer or jacket for a more relaxed look.


Men's Style