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  • Men’s Style – Nailing your wedding day outfit

Men’s Style – Nailing your wedding day outfit

Men's Style

When it comes to dressing for a wedding everyone thinks guys have the easy job. But looking, and feeling great on your wedding day is more than just a matter of “putting on a suit”. One of the most common statements we hear from men who come in to our stores is “I didn’t think that I would have so many options”.

Do you want a dinner suit or a lounge suit? A spread collar or a wing? Bow tie or Long tie?

The options are endless and we’re here to help with our Grooms’ guide to nailing your wedding outfit!



nailing your wedding outfit


First things first you will need to start thinking about what type of suit you would like to wear. This is often dependant on how formal your wedding is. Your tuxedo or dinner suits, which are mainly defined by having satin on the lapel of the jacket, are more formal and many men will only ever wear one of these on their wedding day.

However if you are looking at a beach or garden style wedding you are more likely to opt for a lounge suit. Lounge suits come in a range of colours including black, blues, charcoals and beige. All our suits can be worn as three-piece suits allowing you to still feel formal even when you take the jacket off.



Men's Style - Nailing your wedding outfit


You might think a shirt is just a shirt but your shirt style is often dependant on the style of jacket you have chosen. For example a dinner shirt which typically has pleats is worn with a tuxedo and is available with a spread collar or a wing collar. A standard shirt also has options, do you want a pattern, a colour or double cuff? Or if your bride is wearing an Ivory wedding dress, trying matching your shirt with her gown.

Top tip: Don’t leave it until the day of your wedding to try on your shirt make sure it fits and is neatly pressed.





When it comes to ties, the options are endless. Often colour co-ordination is the most important thing when choosing a tie for your wedding. From the groom matching the bride and the groomsmen matching the bridesmaids to having everyone in the same tie, the choice is yours.





Bow ties used to be reserved for geeky grooms but now they’re all kinds of cool. Bow ties can come in two ways, pre-tied, or tie your own. While pre-tied can look neater, we love a guy who can tie his own bow, and it also looks great hanging open at the end of the night. Just remember to choose a bow tie that suits your wedding theme. For a formal wedding keep it classic (think James Bond) or opt for a more bold and bright style if your wedding has more of a laid feel.





A great suit needs a great pair of shoes. Choose your colour wisely and let your clothes be the guide, keep black shoes for black suits, and brown shoes for navy. Grey suits will go with both, though lighter shades of grey call for a lighter coloured shoes.

Top tip: Avoid cuts, blisters and slipping, and make sure your shoes are broken in and scuffed on the soles BEFORE your wedding day.





Pocket hanks are a really stylish and effortless way to add a dash of colour to your suit. They are also a great idea for incorporating your colour theme if your wanting to wear a neutral coloured tie.



Men's Style - Nailing your wedding day outfit


Cufflinks are an essential part of formal dressing, and a great opportunity to show off your personality with your wedding day look. Choose between fun looks or dapper styles, or opt for something vintage with added meaning behind it. Your cufflinks are meant to reflect your style!

Top Tip: Cufflinks are a great present for your groomsmen, something they can keep and will be able to use again.






Men's Style